Hot Stone Deep Tissue (2 Levels)


Hot Stone Massage Deep Tissue (2 Levels) 30 hours includes Hot Stone Therapeutic (full body, all muscle groups, deep tissue, muscle stripping etc.) and  Relaxation Style for $575+gst (reg. $595) NHPC 15 domain ccp's, MTAS 20 ceu's & 1 ceu per practicum,  RMTA 12 ceu's. 30 hour certificate class.  20 hours instruction (equal to 3 days) with 10 practicums.  Charge for your practicums & earn your money back!! While many stone methods focus on spa-style stone therapy, this training focuses on therapeutic style stone massage for effective treatment.  See  menu for detailsOceans Massage is a recognized school with NHPC, MTAS and RMTA for insurance coverage for RMT's. Joni created her own deep tissue program.

                    Reduce your work load, get effective release & earn more!

Certificate classes are a NHPC recognized domain modality for  competency credits also with MTAS and RMTA*.  Learn all 4 levels!   Hot stone Deep Tissue & Relaxation Style 2 day class and Advanced Stone (Hot & Cold, Advanced Techniques) 2 day class.  A lucrative and effective add-on to massage!  10 practice sessions are required for the 30 hour Hot stone Massage program you can charge & earn your tuition back! Many RMT's can combine massage with stone therapy for effective treatments without the elbow work & saves on the hands with heat going deep into the muscles and qualifies for insurance receipts.  With hot & cold therapy, ease pain cycle, treat TMJ, full body lymphatic drainage, full body nerve sedation, sinus drainage, isolated muscles & more.  Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy is superior to ibuprofen & acetaminophen! As a holistic therapy, you will learn what you need to do to perform stone therapies.  Classes see below 8:00-7:00 pm (6:30 with quick clean up).  Full training is 2 day class, 30 page manual.  Registration call 1-403-891-4822, Visa & MC accepted, secure.   Basalt stone sets sold! (we use specific stones sizes & shapes) basic set $99-$120 (40 stones) $175 double set 59, extra stones for purchase.  * NHPC 15 domain credits Contact: 1-403-891-4822 New! Rattan Massage *RMTA NHPC MTAS approved isnurance~add bamboo to your massage, various shapes & styles of rattan massage $420+gst.

HOT STONE:   LETHBRIDGE  April 28-29 2018 Holiday Inn Express, CALGARY   May 5-6 Nov 3-4 Sandman West,   SASKATOON  May 19-20 (followed by Adv Stone May 21-22)  & Nov 10-11   REGINA Sep 29-30 Chateau Regina (followed by Adv Stone Oct 1-2) EDMONTON  Oct 13-14 Best Western St. Albert  

MUSCLE FASCIA CUPPING: REGINA April 14-15 Chateau Regina, CALGARY  May 26-27 Sandman NW,  SASKATOON Sep 22-23 PIMT ,  LETHBRIDGE Oct 27-28 2018 Holiday Inn Express  for class outline!

Essential Oils, Blends & RAINDROP:  REGINA  March 9 1-9pm Chateau Regina  LETHBRIDGE April 27 1-9m Holiday Inn CALGARY  May 12 & Nov 2  Sandman West,  EDMONTON  June 1st 1-9pm  Best Western St. Albert & Oct 12 1-9pm,,  SASKATOON  Aug 31 3-10pmNov 9th 3-10pm  PIMT 

ADVANCED STONE Hot/Cold:    SASKATOON May 21-22, 2018 PIMT/Sandman  CALGARY June 9-10, 2018 Sandman West  9-5:30 EDMONTON Sep 29-30 Best Western St. Albert REGINA Oct 1-2 Chateau Regina

RATTAN Massage:  REGINA March 10-11 Chateau Regina,  CALGARY April  21-22 Sandman West,  EDMONTON June 2-3 Best Western St.Albert,  LETHBRIDGE June 16-17 Holiday Inn,  SASKATOON Sep 1-2 PIMT   *Rattan Massage is covered by insurance with RMTA! MTAS & NHPC! 

New! TOOLS & TECHNIQUES! Coming 2019 TBA  SEE website


"My Clients love it, I wish I took it 10 years ago it saves on my body and hands!"....LM, Calgary

           "Lots of hands on practice in small classes, excellent  instructor!"......D, Redeer

To Register call or text 1-403-891-4822 or email [email protected]  See registration side menu.. 

WHY LEARN HOT STONE?   It is a therapy in demand, and RMT's can add stones to their massage to reduce strain and save their hands and is now being done in clinical settings. Covered by insurance! Very effective for deep tissue release without the elbow work or pain.  People love it!!  RMT's can combine stones with massage for a popular and effective therapy and issue insurance receipts.  Many clients will upgrade and want hot stones added to their massage.  Prolong your career and earn more!

WHY TAKE THIS CLASS?  Safety first, emphasis on excellent skills and exposure to everything you need to learn about stone massage.  Joni has taken the best techniques after 16 years of teaching in the industry  and has studied 5 styles of stone massage.  

HOW DO I REGISTER?  See left menu bar for class info. Contact [email protected] or 1-403-891-4822 indicate which class you want to take and dates.  Visa and Master card accepted, secure. 1-403-891-4822 or e-transfer with your bank online. A confirmation email will be sent to you.  If you cancel, the class payment is put to another class or date. No refunds. 

WHO IS THE INSTRUCTOR?  Joni Brestler, RMT, RM, BA, CIPI Certified Injury Prevention Instructor with SAVE YOUR HANDS! has taught for 20 years, and has taught workshops at PIMT, Hyatt, Prema Sai, Enjoy Center  & more and is certified & trained in many styles of Stone Therapy including Hot Stone Therapy, Hot & Cold Stone Therapy, Stone Reflexology, Bamboo Massage & more.  Oceans Massage is an NHPC, MTAS, RMTA recognized school for Stone Therapy and for insurance purposes for RMT's.  Joni is a certified Stone Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified level one Reflexologist, Certified Injury Prevention Instructor, Reiki Master and holds many other certifications. Suffering from torn ligaments in 2005, she practices low impact therapies that minimize stress on the hands & fingers.

Work with Essential oils, Blends, Singles, Vita Flex & Raindrop Therapy!  3-4 hours of theory!  Learn  to treat specific conditions, or single oils to add to massage, Vita Flex & Raindrop Therapy! 3 classes in 1!  Oils are applied to the spine to help detoxify the body, boost immunity and help eliminate viruses works on all levels. Medical research, oils work on all organs & tissues. Vita-flex (Tibetan Reflexology to safely stimulate reflex points) with the oils massaged into the back with a hot damp compress to help oils enter the bloodstream, Vita Flex on feet & meridians.  Can be combined with massage, or done as a stand alone therapy. Use a Bionaire air purifier in your clinic if you have aroma concerns. REGISTER 1-403-891-4822 $295+gst.  NHPC 5 ceu's RMTA 3 ceu'sRaindrop Oil sets therapeutic grade $160+gst.  9-5:30pm 7 hour certificate. Click on "photos" then "slideshow" of Raindrop to see the oils reacting. Medical research has been done with the oils. Amazing results!

 "Awesome class! I learned so much".....Marcella, Calgary

What is REIKI?  Reiki is universal life force or chi which is directed to the body to help it heal itself.  Eastern medicine over 3000 years old it is very effective, easy to do and treats al conditions. Combine with massage for spot treatment, injuries or many conditions. NHPC 5 ceu's per level. See  Become a Reiki Practitioner. Level 1 $250 5 credits, Level 2 $275 5 ceus. Take together for $450+gst JUNE 24-25 Red DeerDeclare as specialization for domain ccps. Private classes by request.

 To ensure the health of the professionals while taking the classesThe instructor has the mandate to refuse attendance to anyone that displays symptoms of illness, skin rash or indicates they have health issues that may affect others in class. For any skin rashes, anything viral or similar conditions please reschedule the class.


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